Growing up without a father can permanently alter the BRAIN! Fatherless children are more likely to GROW-UP ANGRY  and turn to DRUGS.

  Written by Ben Spencer for the Daily Mail, Dec 4 2013

Are you a father who had no relationship with your father? Do you have a problem with your anger and is wondering where this anger came from? I have the Ultimate Guide that may be able to answer your question. This information was made by me Tom “Guu” Goodwine because I’m a fatherless father and I can sometimes get angry but couldn’t understand why, until Now!

Anger is a feeling everybody has experienced and expressed. It is a natural and healthy human emotion when managed effectively but it can be a source of various physical, mental, emotional, social, or legal problems when not managed efficiently. It is often a problem in one of these areas that bring a client in for counseling, either on a voluntary or a mandated basis. Am I reaching anyone yet?

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