Boys Growing Up Without Fathers Become Angry

Today we are in a state of emergency and the world is turning a blind eye. The fatherless children who then turn into fatherless mothers and fathers are ruining our society and it is not even being discussed. When I watch television or browse the internet and I see the horror that is happening all over the world today, all I can ask myself is ” I wonder if that person is fatherless” and there is a better then 80% chance that they are.

I work full-time as a letter carrier and I see it during most of my route during delivering. Pants sagging, kids fighting, disrespect to the teachers, smoking, cutting class, gathering in abandoned building during school hours, and all that is just the kids. The grown-ups are not much better, at home in the middle of the day waiting on the mail when they should be working, grown men (sagging pants)playing with remote control cars in the mid morning time frame when the should either be at work or sleeping because the worked all night. None of the things I described above are major crimes but when left to linger without a father guidance things can get worse. I’ve seen kids who have attacked their mothers, abused their siblings and  significant other. Another thing I notice about these fatherless kids is they have no drive to do anything but drink, smoke and have sex. The look in their eyes is emptiness. Some look like they are zombies and I would have to say that one of the main reasons for this is not having a father in their life at all.

Some of these kids grow and watch generations upon generations of households ran without a father. How can we keep pace with any country if we don’t get fathers back into these homes. Fathers who know how to protect and respect their children so they can grow up to be loving and caring adults who can produce loving and caring children It all starts with a strong father who is not only willing to lead but who wants to lead.

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