Fatherless Fathers Adopting Anger Management Skills that Work

There are many, many positive techniques and skills related to anger management. Since anger management seems to affect so many people in society, especially fatherless fathers, it is imperative to design and create techniques, teach skills, provide counseling and provide appropriate care and support. Since anger issues affect individuals from childhood to adulthood, obviously it is necessary to teach anger management skills that work for every age group. For the fatherless father who is dealing daily with anger problems, it is important to learn skills that will be effective in coping.

One skill that tends to help fatherless fathers deal with negative emotions is acupressure. This technique used as an anger management skill is achieved by tapping or rubbing the body. Using this skill, briskly massaging the body when feeling tense and upset, causes an their energy to move around their body which results in relaxation. An anger management skill or techniques known as the Emotional Freedom Technique of EFT can be combined with acupressure to fight against negative emotions. EFT works to balance the brain hemispheres to help these fathers admit to their problem and find forgiveness. This anger management skill would be very beneficial in helping them release feelings of anger and relax.

Father and Son
Father and Son

Adopting positive anger management skills might involve keeping a journal. When you write about the situations that upset them, it helps to get the negative thoughts and emotions out of your head. By journaling about feelings and emotions, you are able to rid your mind of unhealthy thinking and put them on paper. This anger management activity would provide specific details and perhaps triggers which usually sets  you off. Being able to read and review reactions to situations, you might be capable of making changes in their behavior.

When considering anger management skills, there’s one which is quite easy to adopt. Removing yourselves from a threatening situation might eliminate the problem. If you realize you have difficulties controlling your temper, you might consider staying away from situations which may cause heated arguments. If you have a regular pattern of lashing out during specific conversations, you ought to avoid those incidents. Those of us who have anger issues seem to go looking for a reason to get upset. If aiming to adopt anger management skills, we should attempt to change this way of thinking. Instead of going to the problem, we ought to run from the problem.

Adopting anger management skills that work is definitely an essential step when striving to cope with feelings of rage and anger. There are many suggestions and recommendations offered on Internet sites related to anger management skills. It would certainly help to visit these sites and read the information and advice. It is unreasonable to think that a person will use all of the anger management skills suggested. However finding one that works may mean trying each of them at least once. When an individual is attempting to gain control and eliminate the negative feelings normally dictating their life, exploring anger management skills is necessary to find a technique or skill which works for them.

Working Through Anger Management Lesson Plans

Working Through Anger Management Lesson Plans

When an fatherless father accepts they have anger issues, normally the next phase includes steps to anger management. There are many people and programs available to help people with difficulties controlling their temper. Besides visiting a psychiatrist, there are options such as support groups, anger management seminars, retreats and many techniques that are beneficial for anger management. An option which provides the individual with a step-by-step approach is an anger management lesson plan.

Anger management lesson plans are developed to offer a person a plan of action when a stressful or confrontational situation arises. When the individual experiences signs of negative emotions and angry thoughts, an anger management lesson plan is meant to provide tools to decrease or control their temper. Anger management lesson plans can be designed to be individual, once a person finds techniques or adopts skills which work for them. Working through these anger management lesson plans ought to greatly increase their chances of success regarding keeping their angry behavior at bay.

Anger management lesson plans are meant to give the individual a guideline to problem-solving. Helping the person to discover things about themselves through a series of questions and practices, anger management lesson plans can make positive changes. When an irritating encounter arises, they ought to tune into their feelings. Becoming self-aware of what makes the person angry is the first step. Writing down these feelings may help a person to determine how to act in a positive manner rather than lash out.

The second step required in working through this anger management lesson plan would be to practice self-control. When opposition arises it is essential to stop, take a minute and think the situation through. This gives the individual a chance to consider their normal reaction without actually acting on it. It offers the angered person a chance to manage their anger.

Thinking through the possible reactions is important when working through anger management lesson plans. After the person considers their possible reactions, it is then necessary to think about the possible results from each reaction. Thinking things through may allow the individual to consider sensible ways of dealing with the situation besides becoming hot-tempered.

The fourth step in this anger management lesson plan is the decision making step. Considering the options for reactions, now the individual must decide which one that is likely to work or be effective. Of course then it’s time to act on this decision.

When the individual has followed through with these four steps, it is then necessary to evaluate their process. This step in the anger management lesson plan allows time to think over the entire situation to discern whether the result was a positive one.

Working through anger management lessons plans such as this one or any other may be easy to carry out when an individual is in a calm state of mind. The true test comes when these steps are put into action when the individual is angry and experiencing negative thoughts and emotions. The only way to ensure these anger management lesson plans work is to practice them over and over again.

Anger Management Help For Angry Fatherless Men

Where to Find Free Anger Management Advice

Fatherless men coping daily with anger issues individually or in a family environment is stressful. Anger brings out the worst in them and causes them to act recklessly and often violently. Families break up because of anger. Fatherless men were often abused by individuals who had problems controlling their anger. It is unfortunate when bad things happen because of anger. There is plenty of help for people experiencing behavioral problems arising from anger. There is free anger management advice available for those who are seeking solutions to their problems.

When a fatherless man realizes the time has arrived to seek anger management advice, a doctor ought to be able to provide information regarding free anger management advice. Normally, in every area there are government and medical organizations which are trained to deal with behavioral issues. Offering free anger management advice is likely one of their services to the general public. Making an appointment with or contacting a social worker in the area should help an individual to obtain free anger management.

For a school-age child, there ought to be free anger management advice offered at school. A guidance counselor or school nurse would be able to help a child with anger issues. If the problem was serious or involved the child’s family, it may be passed on to a professional counselor who would access the situation and provide free anger management advice regarding support groups, techniques and other helpful details about anger management.

Sometimes fatherless men may come across free anger management advice in a magazine or some other family publication. Since this issue seems to be a hot topic in society today, often it is touched on or discussed in family oriented material. Obtaining copies of this material may be a means of individual awareness and free anger management advice.

The Internet is perhaps one of the best sources for free anger management advice for fatherless men. There are countless sites dedicated to anger management and coping mechanisms. Prepared by government, social programs and other concerned individuals and groups, these sites offer people plenty detailed information and advice about anger management. Finding these sites is quite easy. A simple search for free anger management will produce many links to useful sites. There’s free anger management sites designed solely for children and or teenagers. There are sites hosted for couples and families. There are many sites which are loaded with free anger management advice to be used by anyone.

It is a wonderful opportunity to have access to free anger management. This information is meant to help people deal with their issues with anger. However if people find free anger management advice and information, it is useless if they don’t apply it to their situations. Obviously many people have realized how much anger issues effect society. This is why they’ve spent their time, energy and money, to provide free anger management. It is disappointing to know that people are not taking advantage of these opportunities to control or eliminate their feelings of rage and anger. Free anger management is an invitation for people to realize and work on their problems controlling their anger.

Father to The Fatherless Book


Suppressing Your Feelings

As you grew older you became a master at hiding your feelings. You were somehow being forced to believe your dad was a deadbeat and he had his own life. This caused you to suppress your emotions and pretend that all was fine. Research has shown that such a response leads to two outcomes: either you revert to extreme indifference, or you develop what most people refer to as a “short fuse.” Both outcomes are a cover up for the real emotional trauma a “father desertion” might cause.  These feelings should be recognized for what they are; a cover up, so a more in-depth examination for the reasons of the anger or indifference can be done.


Questions the Fatherless Father over 40 wished he would have gotten the answers to during this time:

  • Did my father know how embarrassed I was to keep telling everyone I never met him and how I suppressed my feelings acting like it was ok?
  • Did my mother have any Idea how much damage not having a relationship with my father would cause me in my later years?
  • Did both my parents know that holding all of these feelings in and not getting answers might be why I get furious really fast?

The sense of helplessness that arises as a result of your inability to adequately answer inquiries about your childhood, as well as all the other issues relating to confidence, self-esteem and your inability to form completely balanced relationships, may induce feelings of inadequacy.  The usual response to this is ANGER. You may take on a more aggressive and intimidating persona. Anger will be both a weapon and a shield. Anger may be an appropriate response to your feelings of rejection because it makes you feel powerful and in control. It also fulfills your negative ideas of who a man is and how he should behave.

From the E-book “The Anger Management Help Guide For Fatherless Fathers Over 40.

 By Tom Guu


Boys Growing Up Without Fathers Become Angry

Today we are in a state of emergency and the world is turning a blind eye. The fatherless children who then turn into fatherless mothers and fathers are ruining our society and it is not even being discussed. When I watch television or browse the internet and I see the horror that is happening all over the world today, all I can ask myself is ” I wonder if that person is fatherless” and there is a better then 80% chance that they are.

I work full-time as a letter carrier and I see it during most of my route during delivering. Pants sagging, kids fighting, disrespect to the teachers, smoking, cutting class, gathering in abandoned building during school hours, and all that is just the kids. The grown-ups are not much better, at home in the middle of the day waiting on the mail when they should be working, grown men (sagging pants)playing with remote control cars in the mid morning time frame when the should either be at work or sleeping because the worked all night. None of the things I described above are major crimes but when left to linger without a father guidance things can get worse. I’ve seen kids who have attacked their mothers, abused their siblings and  significant other. Another thing I notice about these fatherless kids is they have no drive to do anything but drink, smoke and have sex. The look in their eyes is emptiness. Some look like they are zombies and I would have to say that one of the main reasons for this is not having a father in their life at all.

Some of these kids grow and watch generations upon generations of households ran without a father. How can we keep pace with any country if we don’t get fathers back into these homes. Fathers who know how to protect and respect their children so they can grow up to be loving and caring adults who can produce loving and caring children It all starts with a strong father who is not only willing to lead but who wants to lead.

Fathers Conquering Anger By Learning Healthy Anger Management Strategies

Fathers Conquering Anger By Learning Healthy Anger Management Strategies

When treating or dealing with anger issues, there are many suggestions for anger management strategies. Each of them is intended to help people who are hot-tempered and frequently have fits of rage. Anger, although a healthy and normal response to upsetting situations, it can be intense to the point of violence. When a person experiences regular episodes of angry or reckless behavior, there’s a problem, one that needs to be dealt with. Anger management strategies are designed to help an individual return to a healthy, normal existence.

Taking a time-out is considered a healthy management strategy. Removing oneself from a situation or person that makes a person angry is practicing time-out. This anger management strategy might simply require a ride in the car or a walk on the beach. Playing sports or working out will help an individual to use up some of the extra energy without involving others. Some other suggestions for time-out are reading, listening to music or sitting alone in silence. Each of these activities are healthy anger management strategies.

A second example of a healthy anger management strategy is, owning up to the anger. Although the anger is usually brought on by an irritating situation or a confrontation with another individual, the anger actually belongs to the troubled person. Only the person who’s experiencing the anger issues can control their outbursts. Only the person with the anger issues can learn anger management strategies and how to deal with their feelings in a healthy way. When an individual becomes mad or upset they need to try to disclose the reasons for their anger whether it is hurt, fear, frustration sadness, confusion , jealousy or whatever seems to bring unleash the rage.

Another healthy anger management strategy is to look back on those situations that upset an individual and try to find ways to make changes. Learning the cause of the anger may help the individual to avoid those situations. Not only might the person learn to avoid these incidents but they might also choose to take what they’ve learned and attempt to deal with the situation without bursting into a frenzy.

A fourth suggestion regarding healthy management strategies is to confront the situation or person. Talk to the person or people involved, calmly of course, to try to determine the root of the problem. The angry individual might actually discover that the whole thing was a mix-up, a misunderstanding. The individual might also try asking the person or people in the situation to think about their behavior and perhaps even change it. It may be surprising what people would be willing to do to help the person who is attempting to deal with their problems with anger. Hopefully everything will work out for the best. If not there has to be room for acceptance. Sometimes a person must simply accept the situations and people they cannot change and either deal with it or walk away.

Learning healthy anger management strategies should be considered by those with anger problems. There are many books published regarding anger and anger management. There is also a wealth of information available on the Internet for those who are attempting to deal with their anger by learning healthy anger management strategies.

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